SNN policy

As Street Naming and the allocation of new property numbers or names and renumbering or renaming existing properties are statutory functions of the local authority, a clear SNN policy must be in place for these functions and should be published on the local authority’s website

In addition, the policy should give clear guidance for developers and applicants on what to expect when they make an application. It will also give clear guidance for the SNN process for SNN officers

The SNN policy should include:

  • Purpose of policy and reasons for Street Naming and property numbering
  • The legislation that has been adopted
  • Scheme of delegation in operation
  • Consultation procedures
  • Naming of new streets process including choice of street names
  • Numbering/renumbering and naming/renaming of properties process - what is and isn’t accepted
  • Process for renaming a street
  • Charging
  • Claims for compensation
  • Decision and discretion
  • Responsibility for Street Name plates and style

The Data Entry Conventions (DEC) document contains links to good examples of SNN Policies in Appendix F of the document:

For an example structure of the SNN Policy see: