Notes on Legislation review

  1. There is no consolidated record of whether Local Acts remain in force.
  2. Where they remain in force then the Local Acts: 
    1. Will apply to the area covered by the relevant metropolitan or non-metropolitan county as at the date the Local Act came into force. In the case of non-metropolitan counties, the administrative county in the present day may be different, in particular if new unitary status authorities have been created (often where there might be a city e.g. Leicester, Nottingham, Stoke on Trent); and
    2. The local authorities subject to the Local Acts (as they relate to street naming and numbering) will be whichever authority is now exercising the functions of a district council in the area – this might still be a district council, or a unitary authority (including Cornwall Council), or in the case of Welsh Local Acts one of the 22 local authorities.