Delegated Powers within the role of SNN

Street Naming decisions

To speed up the approval process, a local authority may choose, in accordance with their constitution, to delegate street naming decisions from a committee or cabinet to an individual officer of the local authority. This officer is normally a Director, Head of Service or a function who reports to that committee or cabinet. An SNN officer normally takes responsibility for this work on behalf of that person or could be specifically delegated to do so by the delegated officer.

Allocation of new property numbers/names or numbering/renaming existing properties

To speed up the allocation process a local authority may delegate property numbering or naming to an individual officer, this could be the SNN officer or alternatively to the Director, Head of Service or a function.

Record of decision under delegated powers

If the SNN decision is taken by an officer with delegated authority, the officer must produce a written record of the decision containing the date, the decision taken, reasons, details of any alternatives considered and reject and (not in all cases) whether any elected member has declared a conflict of interest.

The written record and background papers (dependent on local authorities' policies) must be made available for inspection by the public as soon as reasonably practicable. Written records must be retained as detailed in the retention policy.

See Retention of Documents section of this Code.