Currently, there is no express legal requirement for councils to provide SNN information to Royal Mail but in the interests of good addressing and the citizen it is recommended that all councils provide SNN information to them under current informal arrangements.

Royal Mail may be able to process requests for postcodes more efficiently and provide Councils with a better service if they are presented with the information they need in a standard format. Whilst it is appreciated that Councils all have their own policies to follow and operate under different statutes, they could move towards this aim when reviewing their own practices.

It is recommended the following process should be used concerning the information which should be sent to Royal Mail.

  1. How to send
  2. When to send
    • Ad-hoc, if possible the same day all SNN decisions are approved.
    • Do not store SNN information and send on a weekly or monthly basis.
  3. What to send
    • Name of council and contact details for SNN Officer.
    • SNN case reference number - unique file reference for the case, good practice will be to use the planning application number that granted approval for the development.
    • Date issued – the date that the document was created/issued.
    • Developer name - if applicable
    • Development name - if applicable
    • Type of SNN – i.e. New address on new street, new address on existing street, confirmation of existing address on existing street, conversion of existing address, renaming existing street, renumbering or renaming existing property. See Section 4, GeoPlace DEC-Addresses for more information.
    • Type of property - Commercial or residential.
    • Property state - under construction or built and occupied.
    • Plot to postal – table or list of the developers plot numbers and the allocated property numbers or name and the corresponding street/road name. This should include internal numbering allocations for apartment blocks when applicable.
    • Plan of plot to postal – plan should clearly show extent of the development, be marked up with plot numbers, property numbers and street/road names and show the existing surrounding areas for clarity of location. If numbering internal properties, then plot to postal floor plans should be included. See Section 4, GeoPlace DEC-Addresses for more information.
    • Occupying business/trading as name – if applicable.
  4. Where to send
    • The allocation and maintenance of postcodes is dealt with by the Royal Mail, Address Management Unit:

      Address Management Unit
      Royal Mail Admiral House
      2 Admiral Way
      Doxford International Business Park
      SR3 3XW

      Tel: 03456 045060