GeoPlace® LLP is owned equally by the Local Government Association (LGA) and Ordnance Survey (OS).

Our work involves balancing those stakeholders’ needs for a common purpose: maintaining the definitive addressing databases for Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Through the Data Co-operation Agreement (DCA), a legally binding agreement that underpins the creation and maintenance of GeoPlace address and street databases, we support the teams in every local authority in England and Wales who create that data. We then maintain and deliver the information as national datasets either through OS or directly to our statutory partners.

Every local authority has a Street Naming and Numbering Officer (SNN) function. The SNN Officer is responsible for the naming and numbering of new and existing streets and the numbering of properties within that area.

Working closely with representatives from local authorities, we provide technical guidance to them on the collection of street and address information and support the work of the SNN Practice Working Group who were consulted in the creation of this guidance.

The DCA highlights the importance of location data and emphasises the value of having a framework that lets the whole public sector have access to authoritative address and street spatial information. It also recognises the role of local authorities in the creation and source of this particular spatial information.

GeoPlace is recognised world-wide as an established expert in managing addressing data and its associated infrastructure. We do this to a standard and in a way that can inspire innovation and transform people’s lives on a national scale.